Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

The Rise of the Democracy-Authoritarianism Cleavage and Opposition Coordination in Turkey (2014-2019)

The Erdoğanization of Turkish Politics and the Role of the Opposition

Strong Presidents and Weak Institutions: Populism in Turkey, Venezuela and Ecuador

Turkish Airlines: Turkey’s Soft Power Tool in the Middle East

MA Thesis:

Turkish Airlines as a Soft Power in the Context of Turkish Foreign Policy

Book Chapters:

Turkish Airlines as a Source of Turkey’s Soft Power in Africa

Autogolpe en Turquía (2016-2018): Lecciones del Perú

Bir Yumuşak Güç ve Kamu Diplomasisi Aracı Olarak Türk Hava Yolları

Book Reviews:

Assessing the Left Turn in Ecuador 

Venezuela’s Polarized Politics: The Paradox of Direct Democracy under Chávez

A Road Map of a New Constitution in Turkey

Turkish-Greek Relations

Newspaper Articles:

Here’s what Peru can teach Turkey about presidential power grabs

U.S. must remain committed to democracy in Turkey

Other pieces of writing:

Peru Seçimleri Işığında Latin Amerika Siyasetinin Dinamikleri

How Did We Get Here? Reflections on the Capitol Insurrection

Bolivya Krizi’nin Ulusal ve Bölgesel Dinamikleri


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