Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

The Rise of the Democracy-Authoritarianism Cleavage and Opposition Coordination in Turkey (2014-2019)

The Erdoğanization of Turkish Politics and the Role of the Opposition

Strong Presidents and Weak Institutions: Populism in Turkey, Venezuela and Ecuador

Turkish Airlines: Turkey’s Soft Power Tool in the Middle East

MA Thesis:

Turkish Airlines as a Soft Power in the Context of Turkish Foreign Policy

Book Chapters:

Dünya Siyasetinde Latin Amerika

Turkish Airlines as a Source of Turkey’s Soft Power in Africa

Autogolpe en Turquía (2016-2018): Lecciones del Perú

Bir Yumuşak Güç ve Kamu Diplomasisi Aracı Olarak Türk Hava Yolları

Book Reviews:

A Dynamic Theory of Populism in Power: The Andes in Comparative Perspective

Assessing the Left Turn in Ecuador 

Venezuela’s Polarized Politics: The Paradox of Direct Democracy under Chávez

A Road Map of a New Constitution in Turkey

Turkish-Greek Relations

Newspaper Articles:

Here’s what Peru can teach Turkey about presidential power grabs

U.S. must remain committed to democracy in Turkey

Other pieces of writing:

Latin Amerika’daki iki turlu başkanlık seçimleri Türkiye’ye yol gösterebilir mi?

Brezilya sandık başında: Lula kazansa bile Bolsonaro Brezilya siyasetinde kalıcı olacak

Peru Seçimleri Işığında Latin Amerika Siyasetinin Dinamikleri

How Did We Get Here? Reflections on the Capitol Insurrection

Bolivya Krizi’nin Ulusal ve Bölgesel Dinamikleri


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