I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Luther College, Iowa. I have a Political Science Ph.D. from Florida International University (FIU). My research broadly focuses on populism, polarization, and democratization from a cross-regional perspective. I am also a passionate instructor who has taught Comparative Politics, International Relations, and first-year-writing courses for the past five years.

I am currently working on turning my dissertation “Populism and Leader Polarization in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Turkey” into a book manuscript. The book project examines polarizing populist leaders in the three countries and beyond. It utilizes qualitative content analysis, quantitative surveys, and secondary sources on Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s polarizing leadership.

Out of my research on dissertation research on populism, polarization, and democratization, I have published a peer-reviewed journal articles: “Strong Presidents and Weak Institutions: Populism in Turkey, Venezuela, and Ecuador” in Southeast European and Black Sea Studies. Out of my research on the Turkish opposition, I have published “The Rise of the Democracy-Authoritarianism Cleavage and Opposition Coordination in Turkey (2014-2019)” in Democratization as well as “The Erdoğanization of Turkish Politics and the Role of the Opposition” in Southeast European and Black Sea Studies.

Besides those articles, I have published book reviews in Democratization, Insight Turkey, and ASMEA Book Notes as well as articles on the Monkey Cage, the Miami Herald, and Daktilo 1984 for general audience.

During my time at FIU, I taught Introduction to Comparative Politics, Politics of Latin America,  Politics of South America, and first-year-writing courses at the undergraduate level.  I also worked as teaching assistants for courses on the Politics of Latin America, the Middle East, the United States, and Russia. Based on faculty nominations, I won the Best Political Science Teaching Assistant Award in 2017.

At Luther College, I currently teach Global Politics, Developing Democracies, Latin American Politics, Global Populism, Research Methods, Global Politics and Movies, International Studies Seminar, and Model United Nations. I am also the faculty adviser of Luther’s Model United Nations team. In Spring 2020, we attended the Midwest MUN conference. In the Fall of 2020, we will be attending the American MUN.

On this website, you can find my latest CV, publications, pictures from research trips, and teaching documents.

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You can also reach me by sending an email to oselc001@fiu.edu or a direct message on Twitter @orcunselcuk.